AudienceRent: The key to unlocking the full potential of social media advertising.

Rent and monetize your social media audience with AudienceRent.

Connect with top influencers and brands to expand your advertising campaigns.

Meta has stripped away the ability to target many demographics, and the ones they give you to target are disengaged or fradulent. AudienceRent is the solution to this problem.

It’s Time To Take Ownership Of Your Data. 

Since it’s inception, Social Media platforms have been the gatekeepers of user data, limiting the ways in which people can monetize their audience as well as creating hoops for advertisers to jump through in order to reach their target audience. AudienceRent has figured out how to solve both of these issues. 

Why AudienceRent?

Save Thousands Of Dollars By Renting Out The Perfect Audience For Your Campaign.

Interested in seeing if your product or service appeals to the followers of a certain influencer or brand? Rent their audience and find out, instead of spending years adjusting and readjusting your campaigns.  

Our Process


Listing your audience in our marketplace takes less than 10 minutes.


We do the work to get your audience rented. We also supply you with a specialized link to send to your current sponsors.


We work with our advertisers, providing them with the best way to set up their campaigns when utilizing a rented audience.


When an audience is rented, the audience owner is paid and the advertiser can send as many ads as they’d like to their new data segment. 

Connecting Advertisers With Audience Owners

For years, audience owners have only been able to monetize their following by making posts on their social media feeds for advertisers. This method of brand partnership does not effectively satisfy either side of this type of deal. With AudienceRent, advertisers gain access to an influencer/brand’s following and can control when the audience sees their ads, and the audience owner does not have to dillute their timeline with spoonsored posts.

Real Audience Data Is What Your Campaigns Have Been Missing.


Records in our audiences, and growing. 


Saved in wasted budgets alone.


Average conversion increase when using one of our audiences. 

“We need AudienceRent.”

Steven Blake

CEO – Advantage Opticals

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